Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Parking Lot Radio?

Parking Lot Radio will be a low power transmitter system, operating in the AM broadcast band, designed to transmit audio to car radios in vehicles over distances common in parking lots.

  • What can this be used for?

In the current climate of Covid-19, the Parking Lot Radio allows churches to hold “drive-in” services.  Other organizations can hold lectures, film screenings and other events, while maintaining social distancing.

  • Why AM and not FM?

Under FCC rules, the signal level for unlicensed FM transmitters is very, very low.  The range is poor.  The rules for the AM band, however, allow for greater signal levels, with better range.

  • Isn’t AM poor quality?

Not at all!  Our AM transmitter will provide excellent audio, limited more by the car radio’s capability than by our transmitter.

  • I see a variety of high-power FM transmitters on the Internet, why not use one of those?

Transmitters that exceed the limits of FCC Part 15 rules are, by definition, illegal to sell, and illegal to use.  Recent legislation passed regarding this issue allows for substantial fines if you are caught.  Just because they sell them doesn’t make them legal.  Our goal is to make something that is legal, and works well.

  • How much will it cost?

We are still working on pricing, but we expect Parking Lot Radio to be affordable for most organizations, including small church congregations.

  • Will it be complicated to use?

Not at all!  The unit will be a simple, easy to use, yet versatile system that will be simple to set up and connect to your current sound equipment.

  • When and how can I get one?

We plan to release the product within a matter of a few weeks.  You can sign up for e-mail updates, which will let you know our progress, and give purchasing information when available.  To receive updates, send an email from the desired address to

  • How can I help move this along?

You can donate to our GoFundMe page at  Thanks for your support!

Thank you for your interest!  Please share with others in your network who might be interested.